Saturday, November 13, 2010

14 Laws of Charming Personality

Charm is a charismatic thing that strikes the sight & leaves it
  Impression in heart. That's why first impression is the last impression.
Use the following laws to make your personality more & more
charming. As follows,
Law: 1 - Control Your Moods: -
Make a habit of breaking bad moods.
Always try to be nice with peoples. Just being nice to the people only
when you want i.e. as per your mood makes the difference, so it is
better to control your moods.
Law : 2
- Offer understanding, Empathy & help.
Law : 3
- Don't desire to be center of attraction, Create your own
Law : 4
- Avoid Fault finding, Spend time to analyze yourself.
Law : 5
-Give Encouragement & Appreciation.
Law : 6
- Avoid desiring to be considered as superior.
Law : 7
- Show Interest.
Law : 8
- Be Co-operative, helpful & Generous.
Law : 9
- Be pleasant & look cheerful.
- Be enthusiastic & energetic.
- Spread Genuine love & being loved.
- Look pleased to see peoples, While speaking be proactive.
- Be Nice to the people.
- Avoid talking back of the peoples.
Just 14 laws is not the standard set, it is the basic primer for
personality. You can create your own laws; you will be able to create
your own 14000 laws as you keep on analyzing yourself, learning
yourself, analyzing your real self. The more we study our-self; we will
come to know more about our-self. There is no excellent book that will
help you to be charming, but, yes, there is an one perfect book which
will help you & guide you to be charming and that is your own MIND.

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